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Tenant Responsibilites:

Missed Appointments: You will be responsible for the payment of any service call charged for: a) a missed appointment, b) not providing access to your unit when requested, c) leaving any keyless bolting devices engaged, or d) not following other instructions as you agreed that results in the service agent not gaining entry to the property.

Maintenance responsibilities: By submitting this work request, the resident acknowledges that if the repair is found to be due to misuse, or failure to perform required routine maintenance task, the tenant will be responsible for payment of the repair, as per the lease agreement.

Pets on Premises: Tenant agrees to secure pet(s) so as not to impede with scheduled repairs. Tenant will inform Premium Properties of any restricted areas so information can be forwarded to the appropriate vendor(s). Tenant is liable for the actions of any pets located on the premises as per lease agreement.

Alarm: If there is an alarm armed on the premises and you are giving Premium Properties authorization to enter, please provide the access code in the Problem Description.